An all around cowboy singer/actor. Ben has been roping and playing all over the west for the last several years, and is active in the music and film business.


Ben was born to Texan parents and exposed to cattle and horses at an early age, as well as what would become his passion--the old west. His ancestors came to Texas after the Civil War, and family stories of life on the frontier made an indelible impression at a young age. A Texas Ranger Cousin, cowboys on both sides of the family, there was no way the kid could escape! Ben spent his youth learning to handle horses and cattle the old fashioned way, "so as to not get the boss yellin at ya'" as he puts it. Ben was fortunate to have worked around some of the last of the old time cowhands who were still plying their trade well into their 70' and 80's. They were tougher than bootleather, and they exposed Ben to many of the old time traditions that are fast disappearing from the ranching scene. 
During this time, Ben became acquainted with the music of the west, both the traditional ballads, as well as the music that filled the honkeytonks in the 40's and 50's. A love of this music was to forever alter his life. He began to play the familiar cowboy ballads, while in his early teens, and in the following years has specialized in a mixture of western swing, classic 50's country, and the singing cowboy/Sons of the Pioneers sound as well. Ben has opened for country great Hank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys, and The Legendary Slim Whitman. The response by near sell out crowds was enthusiastic to say the least. He recently opened for Jason Boland and the Stragglers. 
Ben started driving stagecoaches at 19, and that coupled with his other abilities led to work in the "reel " west, where he has had roles in numerous productions over the years. At 6'5" he often gets cast in the role of an outlaw. That doesn't bother him so much, its the fact that his friends accuse him of not having to act that gets him! Ben has also done over 300 events for Wells Fargo in conjunction with the stagecoach appearance program from Port Arthur Texas to St. George Utah and all points in between. 
If you asked which one of his "selves" was the real him, he'd probably say "I'm just a cowboy." 
Quirt Evans